A full-bodied, single origin, Robusta coffee with a big shot of caffeine. Carefully selected from the nutrient-rich soils of southern India, containing more anti-oxidants and double the amount of caffeine of more common Arabicas. This coffee produces a thick body and beautiful crema, with burnt sugar and maple aromatics, smokey wood with a smooth bittersweetness. No additives, chemicals, or artificial flavours. Just strong coffee.

Throat Punch Coffee offers no bullshit, high strength coffee. We roast high caffeine Robusta coffee beans. While most coffee snobs, hipsters and sensitive sausages throughout the land may reject and protest the strength of Robusta coffee, we love it. If you like stronger tasting coffee with a big caffeine kick, you may enjoy a little Throat Punch


Just got my first bag of Throat Punch coffee & its living up to its expectations! Great taste (not bitter), good aroma & great crema! Also, I very rarely get a buzz from coffee but this stuff hits the spot!
I can highly recommend it & I will be buying many more bags of it!

Sharon C

Very impressed with this coffee, it's my new go to bag. Tastes great through a V60. Great customer service too!

Andrew T

Throat punch coffee is seriously strong, just the way I like it....I drink coffee every day and have tried literally hundreds of different coffees and I have to say that Throat punch is one of my favourites...... brilliant price and speedy delivery is an added bonus 😁

Jimmy G

Get up and go juice! On my second bag now and loving it.

Liam C

Serious shot of caffeine. Not bitter like some of the other coffees marketed as super strong. Very impressed.

Harry S

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